Olive Cook Ufford

Olive Cook Ufford was the daughter of Nathanial Ufford and Hannah (Berry) Ufford. She was born 10 July 1817 in Spencer, Tioga County, New York. She married Ira Williams 24 December 1840. Together they had 4 children before Ira died in 1847. Their children were: Sarah Louise born, 6 March 1842; Ira Vincent, born 12 Jan 1844; Emma Lucy, born 27 Oct 1845 and Ansel Frederick, born 21 August 1847. The children were all born in Owego, Tioga County, New York.

After Ira Williams died in 1847 Olive moved back to the area where her parents were living in Spencer, Tioga County, New York as shown in the 1850 Federal Census for Spencer, Tioga County, New York. She is listed on the same page as her parents, Nathanial and Hannah Ufford, and her brother, Daniel Ufford. Her children Ira, Emily and Ansel are with her. Her oldest daughter, Sarah Louise, was with her great uncle, Ansel Berry who was living in Norwich, Chenango County, New York.

In 1858 Olive Williams married Dr. Van Rensalear Champney. He had two previous marriages and five children from those marriages. Together, Dr. Champney and Olive had a daughter, Julia Champney, born in 1858. She married John Winfield Kjelgaard in 1877. They had five children together, three who lived to adulthood: Carrol Winfield Kjelgaard, William J. Kjelgaard, and Bayard L. Kjelgaard.

In 1880 Olive was recorded in the 1880 Federal Census living with her daughter, Sarah Louise (Williams Miner) Benedict and son-in-law, Frank Benedict in Canton, Bradford County, Pennsylvania. Olive Cook (Ufford Williams) Champney died 2 December 1899 in Marshlands, Tioga County, Pennsylvania. She is buried in the Knowlton Cemetery, Gaines Township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania. From the Wellsboro Agitator, Wed. Dec. 6, 1899: "Mrs. Olive Champney died at the home of Mr. W. H. Watrous [husband of Olive's daughter, Emma Lucy Williams] on Sunday. She was 82 years old. About three years ago she fell on the ice breaking her hip, and has been confined to the bed ever since. She leaves two sons and three daughters to mourn her loss."

Olive Cook Ufford Williams Champney

Olive Cook Ufford Williams Champney 1817-1899

Photo of Olive's headstone, Knowlton Cemetery, Tioga County, Pennsylvania

Nathanial Ufford & Hannah Berry

Nathanial Ufford was born 26 June 1780 in Chatham, Connecticut. He was the son of Jonathan Ufford (1750-1824) and Mary Goodrich (1750-1817). He married Hannah Berry, who was born 25 May 1781 in Connecticut. Nathanial and Hannah Ufford had eight children: Aurelia, born 4 June 1803; John, born in 1806; Hannah, born 28 May 1808; Sarah/Sally, born 1810; David, born 29 May 1812; Emily H., born 6 Jan. 1815; Olive Cook, born 10 July 1817 and Mary, born 26 August 1823. Nathanial Ufford died in 1855 in Spencer, Tioga County, New York. Hannah (Berry) Ufford died sometime around 1860 in Spencer, Tioga Co, NY.

1856, copy of Deed at Tioga Co. Clerk’s Office; deed book 57, page 231, May 10, 1856, Twenty six acres of Spencer Twp. owned and occupied by Nathanial Ufford before his death was deeded to David Ufford by his sisters and their husbands for the sum of one dollar. Deed Certified by County clerk for Tioga Co, NY, Tioga Clerk’s office, Owego, NY, Deed Book 57 page 231: Deed, recorded May 10, 1856, BETWEEN Clayton Randolph and wife Sally (Sarah) of Spencer, Tioga Co., N.Y.; Lyman Frost and wife Hannah, Ebinezer Gardner and wife Aurelia, of Covington, Tioga Co., Pennsylvania; VanRanseller Champney and wife Olive of Bradford Co., Pennsylvania; Luke Curtis and wife Emily, Elisha Bradley and wife Mary, of Union, Broome Co., New York, and David Ufford of Spencer, Tioga Co., New York. For the sum of one dollar, the twenty six acres in Spencer township owned and occupied by Nathaniel Ufford at the time of his death.

Jonathan Ufford & Mary Goodrich
Jonathan Ufford was born in 1750 in Middlesex County, Connecticut; he was baptized in 20 May 1750 at the Congretational Church of Chatham, Chatham, Middlesex County, Connecticut. He was the son of John Ufford (1713-1751) and Mary Ufford (1716-1753). Early Connecticut Marriages, Chatham-Portland, page 97, has marriage of Jonathan Ufford & Mary Goodrich March 26, 1772. They had children: Joel, Elisebeth, Samuel, nathanial, Daniel, Nathan, Nancey. Jonathan Ufford died in 1824 in Wilbraham, Mass; Mary (Goodrich) Ufford died 17 Nov. 1817 in Union, Broome County, New York.

John Ufford & Mary Ufford
John Ufford was born 6 Aug. 1713 at Milford, New Haven County, Connecticut. He was the son of John Ufford (1667-1713) and Abigail (Shore) Ufford (1670-). He was married to a Mary, surname unknown. They had children: John, Samuel, Ephraim, Abigail, Eliakim and Jonathan. John Ufford died 15 Aug. 1751 at Portland, Middlesex County, Connecticut. He is buried at the Trinity Church Yard in Portland, Middlesex, Connecticut. Mary Ufford died 5 Dec 1753 at Chatham, Middlesex County, Connecticut.

John Ufford & Abigail Shore
John Ufford was born 21 June 1667 at Milford, New Haven County, Connecticut. He was the son of John Ufford/Uffoote (1626-1692) and Martha Nettleton (1635-). He married Abigail Shore in 1688. They had children, Thomas, Ephriam and John (1713-1751). John Ufford died in 1713 in the year of the birth of his last son, John Ufford (1713-1751).

John Ufford/Uffoote & Martha Nettleton
John Ufford/Uffoote was born about 1626 in England. He married 25 March 1657 in Milford, New Haven County, Connecticut, Martha Nettleton. She was the daughter of Samuel & Mary Nettleton. John & Martha (Nettleton) Ufford had the following children: Thomas (died young); Martha; Mary; John (died young); John born 1667-1713); Samuel; Elizabeth and Lydia. He died in 1692 in Milford, New Haven County, Connecticut.